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1. What is the difference between Special Editions, Lithographs and Regular Editions?

Special Editions and Lithographs are very, very high quality fine art productions. They are usually printed on 100% cotton (not a wood product paper), acid-free sheets. The printing methods are much more time consuming but the end result is a piece that pops. The texture, depth and quality closely match the originals. Our Special Edition pieces should be considered more like forgeries than reproductions.

Regular Editions that we carry are also very nice. Please don’t confuse them for cheap posters that you find at a department store. Although not fine art like our Special Edition pieces and Lithographs, they offer tremendous value and offer that non-glare fine art look.

2. How can I be assured that my piece will arrive in one piece?

First of all, if you are not fully satisfied with what you received it will be promptly replaced or refunded.

Secondly, the failure rate of our packaging is almost non-existant. All our pieces are shipped in heavy duty packaging as well. Your chance of having a problem are slim, but if you do, we’re behind you 100%.

3. Do you have or can you get any other items that are not on your web site?

Unfortunately, no. Our specialization and the images we carry means that we offer the highest quality at the lowest prices. However, we are always glad to receive suggestions. (contact us).



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